Canada’s ice cores seek new home

Funding cuts may sacrifice glacial expertise.

Is the Harper Government™ continuing its war on science?

Canada's ice cores

Canada's Arctic ice cores face eviction — as do the researchers who work on them.David Barbour, with permission of NRCan

An unusual ‘help wanted’ advertisement arrived in the inboxes of Canadian scientists last week. The e-mail asked the research community to provide new homes for an impressive archive of ice cores representing 40 years of research by government scientists in the Canadian Arctic.

The note was sent out by Christian Zdanowicz, a glaciologist at the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) in Ottawa. He said that the collection faced destruction owing to budget cuts at Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), the government department that runs the survey, and a “radical downsizing” of the Ice Core Research Laboratory. The e-mail pressed scientists at universities and other institutions to take in the ice cores before they were left to melt.

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