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Coping with climate change

Can we predict which species will be able to move far or fast enough to track changing climate? Durham, NC — As global temperatures rise, suitable sites for many plants and animals are shifting to cooler and higher ground. Can … Continue reading

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How does your green roof garden grow?

2010-12-29 American Society for Horticultural Science 5 common green roof plants tested for optimal substrate, drought conditions UNIVERSITY PARK, PA — Growing plants on rooftops is an old concept that has evolved from simple sod roofing to roof gardens and … Continue reading

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Can Social Science Combat Climate Change?

2010-12-28 Scientific American Scientists remove some of the guesswork about how individuals will use energy in 2050 by looking at past campaigns to induce personal change and their effectiveness Roughly 44 percent of Californians smoked tobacco in 1965. By 2010, … Continue reading

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Renewables and the Smart Grid

2010-06-25 Scientific American Wrangling Renewables and the Smart Grid: How Can the [USA] Federal Government Change the Future of Electricity? The commissioner of the federal agency responsible for electricity supply in the U.S. explains the ongoing transformation of the energy … Continue reading

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Casualties of Climate Change

2011-01-10 Scientific American Shifts in rainfall patterns and shorelines will contribute to mass migrations on a scale never before seen By Alex de Sherbinin, Koko Warner and Charles Ehrhart | January 10, 2011 Since the beginning of recorded time, climate-forced … Continue reading

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Water Shortages

2010-12-07 Environmental Research Letters Climate change will hit water supply hardest in developing countries Climate change is predicted to have a big impact on water supply, but to date there have been few estimates of the total cost of adaptation … Continue reading

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Wind turbines on farmland may benefit crops

Wind turbines in Midwestern farm fields may be doing more than churning out electricity. The giant turbine blades that generate renewable energy might also help corn and soybean crops stay cooler and dryer, help them fend off fungal infestations and … Continue reading

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