Comment Policy

As ClimateInsight begins to attract an increasing number of comments, please note the following policies:

  • Offensive, obscene or vulgar language will not be tolerated.
  • Hate speech and personal “ad hominem” attacks will not be tolerated. Deal with what people say not who they are as perceived by you.
  • Links to websites to blogs or websites known to engage in deliberate distortion of scientific or other facts may be removed.
  • Off-topic comments may be reposted to an “unthreaded” section, edited or deleted.
  • Overly long, repetitive or redundant comments may be edited for length or removed altogether.
  • Unfounded accusations of scientific fraud, unsubstantiated allegations, and libelous statements, whether implicit or explicit, are actively discouraged and may be snipped or moved.
  • References to other blogs, including comments, are permitted if they are on topic. However, continuation of exchanges from other blogs or complaints about other blogs’ comment policies or practices are generally considered off topic.
  • Spam and advertising may be removed.
  • Discussion of moderation or comment policy is also considered off-topic.

In general, I will endeavour to acknowledge these editing decisions, which of course are applied at my sole discretion.

Also please note that circumstances do not permit daily moderation at all times, so there may be some delay in comments appearing, especially on past threads.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.


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