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Freak weather could have been predicted

2010-12-30 NatureNews doi:10.1038/news.2010.685 UK Met Office is being held back by a lack of computing power, says its chief scientist Julia Slingo. This year was a busy one for meteorologists, as they tracked heat waves, monsoons, and winds carrying volcanic … Continue reading

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Casualties of Climate Change

2011-01-10 Scientific American Shifts in rainfall patterns and shorelines will contribute to mass migrations on a scale never before seen By Alex de Sherbinin, Koko Warner and Charles Ehrhart | January 10, 2011 Since the beginning of recorded time, climate-forced … Continue reading

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Water Shortages

2010-12-07 Environmental Research Letters Climate change will hit water supply hardest in developing countries Climate change is predicted to have a big impact on water supply, but to date there have been few estimates of the total cost of adaptation … Continue reading

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Cloud Feedback

2010-12-10 Science Cloud ‘feedback’ affects global climate and warming, says Texas A&M study COLLEGE STATION, Dec. 9, 2010 – Changes in clouds will amplify the warming of the planet due to human activities, according to a breakthrough study by a … Continue reading

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