I have created this website because there is a lot of disinformation circulating about climate change. I’ve posted background, graphs and links which I believe represent what we know about climate change. I welcome dissenting views, because that’s at the heart of scientific investigation but I dislike selective misrepresentations of what we have measured. Much of what you’ll find here is my personal analysis of measurements (e.g., temperatures, greenhouse gas & sea level and ice), available to each of you from the links which I have provided. I also provide links and news with extracts to reputable science. When I express opinions, I keep them distinct (e.g., on my “Editorial” page). Form your own opinions but please try to do so with objectivity.

I welcome anyone to contribute to this site (please register) but I’ll refuse contributions which cannot be verified objectively. I have also provided links to studies which go beyond my own competence. If you can glean anything from them beyond knee-jerk political reactions, I’d like to listen to you. If you have a favoured opinion, please send me the links supporting your opinion. If they are credible and verifiable, I’ll post them here. For an introduction to climate science, visit the Espere Climate Encyclopaedia on their website or download the PDF version(s) or visit “Introduction”.

I have no vested interest and do not receive any outside funding in support of this website. My academic background is in Science (Mathematics & Physics from Canada’s Royal Military College) and my career has focused on zero defect software engineering, modeling and analysis, primarily in the fields of Public Safety (emergency response) and geospatial information systems. I’m not a climatologist but I am able to interpret and analyze associated data and scientific papers. I try to keep an open mind about this issue and I welcome comments, provided that they have a basis in objective and verifiable fact. I also welcome contributions to the site but reserve the right to refuse any material which I find to be inappropriate. If you don’t like that then please put up your own website.

Climate change presents us with huge challenges; please rise to those challenges.


3 Responses to About

  1. John Wackman says:

    I read & appreciate your insights on your site. I found you through ecopressed.
    I invite you to visit my site

  2. Alan Burke says:

    The following is a response which I made at the Globe and Mail to an article titled Save resource money for the future? Nah, says Alberta

    Harriott requested at 2:26:

    “How about if each poster that comments,reveals to others which Province that they reside in? …Only then,can anyone see if you’re justified in Alberta bashing.”

    Harriott I’m a Canadian.

    I have lived in Goose Bay Labrador, Halifax Nova Scotia, Montréal Québec, Senneterre Québec, Chelsea Québec, Ottawa Ontario, Kingston Ontario, Toronto Ontario, Aurora Ontario, Souris Manitoba, Calgary Alberta and Edmonton Alberta.

    Each part of the country where I have lived, visited or worked has its values and benefits to our fine country and I have an intense dislike for regional bigotry, something which you seem to be very much at home with.

    Politically I could probably be best described as a red Tory but I have always voted for the most qualified candidate in my riding. The political polarization in Canada is disgusting and I have a very deep dislike for those with polarized ideological, evangelical religious and vested interest biases. In large part that is because I see terrible damage being done by astroturfing extremists whenever an issue of sustainability, energy efficiency or climate change is discussed.

    I am passionate about science and want to see much more objectivity and much less lobbying and propaganda being expressed on those issues, among others. That’s why I continue to comment here occasionally and why I put so much time into publishing on those issues on my website, trying to act as an ambassador among scientists, policy makers, politicians and the lay public. The mass media are doing a terrible job and there is a lot of irresponsible disinformation being expressed by both authors and commentators.

    I invite readers who have an open mind to visit and comment on my pre-moderated website where I try to keep civility and objectivity ever present, unlike what passes for discourse here. But when I see unsubstantiated propaganda which unjustifiably tries to raise doubt about what is known from evidence, I try to counter it with reality. I do keep an open mind, still true to the legitimate skepticism of “scientific method” which I learned during my studies at RMC earning a science degree with a double major, in mathematics and physics.

  3. Human Factor says:

    Thank you for making yourself known and offering an invitation to visit. Your site of ‘thunder’ could also be called cerebral meat and potatoes. An offering of facts, figures, and proof. A worthy endeavor to educate and create new possibilities of interest. We would like to add your site to our blogroll for our readers to enjoy and occasionally feature one of your posts that has current relevance to events happening around us now.

    You’ve compared Brook’s site to ‘lightning’ and we find the analogy uniquely appropriate. Her images touch a visceral part of the human essence, a factor often needed to generate the energy that makes people move or think. Her site will be presented in a similar manner.

    Readers need both ‘lightning and thunder’ and Human Factor is pleased to offer this small conduit to help spread awareness. Hopefully in the near future we will be in a position to do more.

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