Fracking the Future

Unconventional gas drilling is emerging as one of the most controversial energy & environmental issues in the United States and around the world today.

Fracking the FutureAdvancements in extraction technologies, particularly horizontal drilling and high volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking), have enabled drillers to reach previously inaccessible gas in geological formations underlying several areas of the U.S.

Increasing public awareness of the threats posed by America’s dependence on foreign oil and dirty coal to public health and the global climate have led many – including some environmental organizations and progressive politicians – to embrace gas as a “bridge fuel” to help America kick its dirty energy addiction.

But recent revelations about the dangers that unconventional gas drilling poses to drinking water supplies, public health and the global climate are raising important questions about how “clean” this gas really is.

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  1. David Wilson says:

    more at

    Unfortunately that link doesn’t work any more (Alan – 23 Oct. 2011)

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