The Energy Report

Two years in preparation, The Energy Report presents a provocative scenario, set in 2050, of a world run entirely on renewable energy.

The Energy ReportBy 2050, we could get all the energy we need from renewable sources.

This will solve most of the problems of climate change and dwindling fossil fuel resources.

Paramount will be the substantive increase in measures to conserve energy in all sectors.

We can show that such a transition is not only possible but also cost-effective, providing energy that is affordable for all and producing it in ways that can be sustained by the global economy and the planet.

It must be done, and we can do it

The world needs to transition from its current unsustainable energy paradigm to a future powered by entirely renewable energy supply. Only by making such a transition will we be able to avoid the very worst impacts of climate change.

WWF’s ground-breaking energy study – The Energy Report – shows that this future is within our reach, and provides a vital insight into how it can be achieved.

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Download the Energy Report

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