Historic Drought Sets Texas Ablaze and May Last into Summer

The worst drought in 45 years has spurred wildfires that have burned 1.5 million acres in Texas this year

Historic Texas Drought

PRAYERS FOR RAIN: Rainfall will be in short supply across the South according to forecasts, prompting calls for rain prayer from Texas's governor. Image: Akradecki via Wikimedia Commons

Wildfires have burned about 1.5 million acres in Texas since January, egged on by a drought that federal forecasters say is the worst to hit the state in 45 years. Officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say their weather models predict the severe drought that has parched the southern United States will continue to midsummer — and beyond.

“Predictions over weeks to one to three months suggest the drought will continue, and even intensify, in some areas as we struggle to get any rainfall,” said David Brown, director of climate services for NOAA’s Southern Region.

“This really is a historical climate event affecting our region,” he said, calling conditions “extreme and exceptional.”

… Last month marked the driest March recorded in Texas since record-keeping began 117 years ago, according to NOAA.

More (Click here) Scientific American, Lauren Morello and ClimateWire

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