Climate Change Poses Arctic Challenge for U.S. Navy

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences exposes new national security challenges for the Navy as a result of climate change

U.S.A. Navy in th Arctic

CLIMATE THREAT: Even the most moderate climate change would pose new threats to the U.S. Navy, including an increased demand for an Arctic presence Image: Courtesy U.S. Navy

If it’s a challenge for the USA with their small Arctic coastline then it’s an even greater challenge for Canada with our extensive coastline. Why has the “Harper Government” decided to spend billions on fighter jets instead of Arctic-capable navy and coast guard or northern bases which could use robot drones to patrol our territory?

Climate change will pose major new hurdles for U.S. naval forces, forcing the military to grapple with an emerging Arctic frontier, increasing demand for humanitarian aid and creating rising seas that could threaten low-lying bases, the National Academy of Sciences said yesterday.

“Even the most moderate current trends in climate, if continued, will present new national security challenges for the the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard,” concludes a new academy report. “While the timing, degree and consequence of future climate change impacts remain uncertain, many changes are already underway in regions around the world … and call for action by U.S. naval leadership in response.”

More (Click here) Lauren Morello, Dina Fine Maron and ClimateWire, Scientific American

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