Republicans attack Obama’s environmental protection from all sides

Yes, I know that it’s about the USA, reported in a British paper but we in Canada face a similar onslaught:

Have you ever seen the beauty of walking in the woods?

Republicans are moving to weaken the US's environmental protection controls, including a ban on wolf hunting. Photograph: Riccardo Savi/Getty Images

Environmental protection in US under attack from extremist Tea Partiers backed by big business

It started on a sultry day in Houston when hundreds of protesters, mostly oil company employees, were bussed to a concert hall in their lunch hour to rally against a historic first step by Congress to reduce the pollution that causes climate change.

The event marked the start of a backlash by wealthy industry owners and conservative activists against Barack Obama‘s green agenda. Now it has snowballed into what green campaigners say is the greatest assault on environmental protection that America has ever seen.

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