Climate Benefits of Natural Gas May Be Overstated

Natural Gas

An antelope passes by a natural gas drilling rig south of Pinedale, Wyo. (Douglas C. Pizac/AP file photo)

The United States is poised to bet its energy future on natural gas as a clean, plentiful fuel that can supplant coal and oil. But new research by the Environmental Protection Agency—and a growing understanding of the pollution associated with the full “life cycle” of gas production—is casting doubt on the assumption that gas offers a quick and easy solution to climate change

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2 Responses to Climate Benefits of Natural Gas May Be Overstated

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I live right in the middle of the Marcellus Shale, which is the prime location for Natural Gas. I have been fighting this since the topic arose. Love your site!

  2. Alan Burke says:

    Elizabeth you might want to read this article from Scientific American:

    Just Hot Air?: Are Natural Gas’s Environmental Benefits Overstated?

    Although natural gas generates less greenhouse gas than coal when burned, when its total life-cycle emissions associated with extraction and distribution are factored in, it does not seem much cleaner than coal.

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