Commentary Is Welcome Here

I have posted the following to a couple of articles at the Globe and Mail:

Not a single response here has offered unrefuted objective criticism or substantiation for a countering view. I have been bombarded with vile personal attacks which have been offensive and in some cases libelous.

Regrettably that seems to be the level of discourse coming from so many here who do not understand, do not want to understand and deny solid and reputable science.

I substantiate what I say and when there isn’t room or the most appropriate kind of presentation here because of technical limitations, I refer readers to my website. I have moved it to WordPress where I will accept commentary but reserve the right to refuse, in pre-moderation, to approve anything which violates the kinds of standards which are stated here but rarely enforced.

This is a totally non-commercial site, I have no vested interest and I receive no financial support other than my own for all that I do concerning sustainability, energy efficiency and climate change documentation, the focus of the site and my commentary efforts here.

I have been commenting online for several years and I am very disturbed by the level of discourse which I see. I hope that this website will bring some objectivity to discussion of the issues and that is in large part why I will insist on pre-moderation of commentary. Eventually I hope to invite people to act as authors of new articles and to act as moderators but it will take time to develop that framework and the associated trust.

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One Response to Commentary Is Welcome Here

  1. canadianclimatehawk says:

    I have been following and participating in the discussion on-line at the Globe and Mail. I agree the attacks get personal and very nasty, especially if you challenge any of the people who deny the reality of global warming. In response to one of my comments you mentioned the concept of consilience which is defined by Merriam Webster dictionary as ” the linking together of principles from different disciplines especially when forming a comprehensive theory”. It’s importance of course in the climate debate is that it is not just one branch of science which is showing we are experiencing rapid global warming. In fact many different independent branches support the same conclusion.

    Consilience when combined with the growing overwhelming consensus of scientists on this matter is a very powerful argument in the climate debate and makes the denial of AGW difficult to refute since there is no other theory that has been proposed as an alternative that can fit all the facts in so many different areas.

    However having said all of the above I think that this debate in the public domain is far more difficult for scientists to advance. I have recently been reading books related to contemporary culture and most recently the book by Chris Hedges “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the triumph of Spectacle”. It makes for sobering reading and for me gives further insight into the difficulties of advancing public policies based on what is irrefutable evidence of global warming. Hedges comments on the captivation of the cult of celebrity for the majority of Americans. Those captivated he says “… do not examine voting records or compare verbal claims with written and published facts and reports.”.

    The minority is now a group of Americans and Canadians who rely upon print media to understand complex public policy issues and can thereby distinguish reality from illusion. It is this minority which is now under attack in the culture wars as evidenced by the growing attacks on science and scientists and the efforts to promote magical thinking e.g. intelligent design as an an alternate “scientific” theory to evolution. It is this cultural shift which has been underway for sometime that explains the political rise of the extreme right in US politics and its attacks on climate science. With the results of the recent mid-term elections and the rise of the Tea Party movement things are about to get worse.

    The conclusions are sobering particularly since there is so little time left to change the trajectory on GHG emissions.

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