Enough Is Enough

From “CASSE”, The Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy

Perpetual economic growth is neither possible nor desirable. Growth, especially in wealthy nations, is already causing more problems than it solves.

  • Do you suspect that the idea of perpetual economic growth on a finite planet is folly?
  • Are you searching for ways to solve our profound social and environmental problems?
  • Do you want to know how we can construct an economy that (1) meets our needs without undermining the life-support systems of the planet and (2) achieves sustainable and equitable well-being for all people?

Read Enough is Enough for answers to these questions!

Click here to download the full report (130 pages).
Click here to download the summary (10 pages).
Click here to view a collection of related videos.
Enough is Enough is the single most complete collection of policy initiatives, tools, and reforms for an economy that makes enough its goal instead of more. The report, generated from the inspirational ideas of the Steady State Economy Conference, consists of three parts:

  • Part One describes why economic growth is becoming an obsolete goal and provides a crystal-clear description of the desirable alternative — a steady state economy;
  • Part Two examines ten key areas where change is needed to achieve a steady state economy;
  • Part Three provides a blueprint for moving boldly from ideas to action.

O’Neill, D.W., R. Dietz, and N. Jones (editors). 2010. Enough is enough: ideas for a sustainable economy in a world of finite resources. The report of the Steady State Economy Conference, Leeds, UK. Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (Arlington, Virginia, USA) and Economic Justice for All (Leeds, UK).

Please read the report, discuss the ideas contained in it, and do what you can to help get us on the path to a better economy. If you are interested in engaging with others in online discussions of report topics, then please visit the SteadyStaters Google Group and request an invitation to join.

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10 Responses to Enough Is Enough

  1. dlw1066 says:

    you know that this WordPress login business is diabolical eh? daemonic!!!

    ok, what I wanted to say (when I started this process ten minutes ago) was, good on you for featuring CASSE & particularly Tim Jackson, his is the clearest voice on this subject that I have heard, it is maybe noteworthy that he tuned into the conference remotely – one of my beefs with the UNFCCC is their enormous carbon footprint as they fly tens of thousands of people around to their (more-or-less) unproductive conferences

    I like to think of myself as being an up-to-date Muggle, and yet this conference was six months ago and I had not heard of it … there is a disconnect here which we should be able to remedy with the computing technology we have available, wouldn’t you say?

    so, thanks again, David Wilson.

    • rmcpiper says:

      David, I migrated this site over to WordPress from my own self-developed website for many reasons but one was to engage with others in objective discussion rather than the usual rants which seem to dominate the Globe & Mail commentaries.

      I’d like to find a group of people who would be willing to reply to postings with comments and to create postings themselves based on verifiable and objective information available on the web. For the startup phase, I want to moderate everything coming in but as trust is built, I’ll welcome others to be authors and moderators.

      Thanks for your comment; I was pleased to discover CASSE as a result of an argumentative discussion earlier today in G&M commentary. There’s a wealth of verifiable and objective information available and I feel a strong compulsion to make it more accessible if I can.

      Best wishes for a Happy New Year,

  2. dlw1066 says:

    I don’t object to logging in at all, that’s not the problem, the problem is the way the WordPress interface works, but enough of that …

    Tim Jackson will apparently be in Ottawa January 20 for a debate at UofO
    the CBC website is typically useless: http://www.cbc.ca/ideas/schedule/ and then scroll down to February 2, which is the date they will air it I guess

    I got in contact with Peter Victor who tells me it is January 20 with information to be had from Stewart Elgie

    since you are actually there in Ottawa (if I’m not mistaken) you might be in a better position to get information

    be well, David Wilson.

    • rmcpiper says:

      From the CBC Ideas schedule:

      Wednesday, February 2
      We face serious environmental problems. People are looking for answers in a green economic future. But what would it look like? IDEAS host Paul Kennedy moderates a debate at the University of Ottawa on the resolution: Be it resolved that building an environmentally sustainable society will require an end to economic growth. Participants include Peter Victor, author of Managing Without Growth: Slower By Design, Not Disaster, Tim Jackson, author of Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Plane; Richard Lipsey, one of Canada’s pre-eminent economists, and Paul Ekins, author of Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability: The Prospects for Green Growth.

    • rmcpiper says:

      Stewart Elgie’s Ottawa U. page is here. I’ll get in touch with him to see when and where the session will take place and post the info here. The CBC Ideas series usually makes their audio programs available online. E.g.,

      2009-01-19, 2009-01-28, 2009-02-02
      CBC “Ideas”: Climate Wars

      Global warming is moving much more quickly than scientists thought it would. Even if the biggest current and prospective emitters – the United States, China and India – were to slam on the brakes today, the earth would continue to heat up for decades. At best, we may be able to slow things down and deal with the consequences, without social and political breakdown. Gwynne Dyer examines several radical short- and medium-term measures now being considered – all of them controversial.

  3. dlw1066 says:

    well, the email was in there, with the at-sign all nicel edited out and all – but WordPress will not permit it I guess (?) ok, so how do we communicate this info then?

  4. rmcpiper says:

    I invite readers to visit the “Economics” page here (use the menu near the top of the page) to look at topics like the tragedy of the commons, the limits to growth and fundamental problems with economic theory and it’s application.

  5. dlw1066 says:

    still no word from these guys eh? time is passing and it takes a bit of planning for me to get to Ottawa, another few days delay and I won’t be able to make it there to hear this debate … oh well.

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