Bye-bye Governator Welcome Back Terminator

Let’s hope that the termination this time is to those who lobby against taking action to mitigate the impact and adapt to now inevitable changes in climate caused by our burning of fossil fuels and land-use changes.

From the BBC US & Canada edition:
‘Hasta la vista’ for California Governor Schwarzenegger

Fighting global warming

Mr Schwarzenegger will be remembered more favourably, by his supporters, for his environmental initiatives.

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking at a press conference on California greenhouse gas emissions Mr Schwarzenegger helped introduce strict laws aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions

He helped to introduce some of America‘s toughest laws to try to combat global warming.

He inspired the idea of a hydrogen highway – a road system with hydrogen-equipped filling stations to allow hydrogen-powered cars to move around the state with ease.

The concept, however, is still to become a reality.

When he leaves office, Mr Schwarzenegger has said he hopes to write books, specifically the autobiography that he says publishers have been urging him to write for two decades.

He has also pledged to continue his work on public policy, although he has not been specific about working with any organisation.

One theory is that he could try to become a global ambassador as an environmentalist.

A return to film-making seems unlikely, at least in a major role.

The one-time Terminator has said he doubts whether he would have the patience to hang around a set, during the often laborious process of shooting a movie.

Whatever his role, it is clear that Mr Schwarzenegger will be back.

Hasta la vista, Governator.

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