Welcome to ClimateInsight

Welcome to ClimateInsight.WordPress.com. The static pages are primarily content transferred from a website which was previously privately hosted by me, Alan Burke.

My goal is to express scientific issues understandably for those of you who aren’t usually exposed to scientific literature as is published in the reputable journals.

I welcome comments but only from those who register with a valid email address and I reserve the right to refuse registration or to revoke solely at my discretion. All comments will be screened (pre-moderated) before being released to all subscribers but in the future I will welcome contributors and moderators who have demonstrated objectivity and fairness in their actions here.

You may subscribe to receive email notification of new postings without registering as a participant.

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One Response to Welcome to ClimateInsight

  1. rmcpiper says:

    As of Tue. morning 21 Dec., the pages remaining are “Skeptics” and “Technology”. I hope to complete those within the next day or two as a Christmas present for my ever-present contrarian and denialist combatants. 😉

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